What Is New In Magic Box 2.0?

Magic Box 2.0 includes all of the original lessons from the original Magic Box 1.0. PLUS, you gain access to:
  • An improved, ever-growing Magic Box with regular New Lessons*
  • Studio Groups guided by OA hosts
  • Live Critiques Sessions with Special Guests**
  • Community Activities
  • Group Hangouts

Your also get access to The Backstage Pass, our premium podcast experience which includes:
  • Escape From Art Jail (Monthly lessons on money, social media, portfolios, self-promotion, networking, managing clients, collaboration and more!)  
  • Extended Versions of the OA Podcasts
  • Live Portfolio Reviews
  • ...And more!

We have a huge amount of new, 2.0-exclusive content already recorded, with more on the way. For example, we have new lessons on Color and Concept Art, to name a few. Also, the "classic" Magic Box 1.0 Lessons (like the Fancy Animals lesson) are getting a major overhaul starting in 2016.

In short: The Magic Box 2.0 has significantly more value (and currently, a lower price) than Magic Box 1.0!

Click here to enroll for a special price.

Please consider that Magic Box 2.0 is a different subscription model. You can read more of how it works here.

If you have any question, just get in touch with our Support Ninjas via our Contact Form!

*We will begin releasing the new lessons after the official launch of Magic Box 2.0. As we are currently Beta Stage, our immediate priority is to complete the missing lessons from the original Magic Box 1.0 modules.
**All Magic Box Live Critique Sessions held after June 2016 are exclusive to Magic Box 2.0.

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