Nudity In The Forum

One of the challenges in creating a TRULY diverse art school is deciding what to do about nudity. Here are the challenges as I understand them:

  • Some companies will fire an employee for displaying an image on-screen that contains nudity - even if it's an accident.
  • Some people from certain cultures and religions are extremely offended by nudity.
  • We have a number of younger students enrolled in The Magic Box program.

Personally, I don't think one can get a comprehensive art school education without often encountering nudity. 

The nude figure is an essential part of a foundational art education in the same way it is foundational to a medical education. 

So what do we do about this conundrum?

Most artists understand that there is a definite line between the academic approach to nudity and art that is sexually-charged. (Also note that I am distinguishing "sexually charged" art from the even more explicit category of "eroticism." Everything beyond that is generally considered pornography.)

I have no doubt that we will have to work through this issue as we go, but for now, here's what I think is an acceptable balance...

OA Practices For Posting Nudity and Almost-Nudity:

The academic practice of drawing the nude figure is, as far as I am concerned, a necessity. But we also need space to post and critique these academic drawings without worry.

  • If your post contains nudity, please add "NSFW" which stands for "Not safe for work." or "Contains Nudity." in the post heading.  This one habit will prevent the majority of any potential problems.  Remember, this practice is done for the benefit of our fellow artists who belong to cultures, religions and value sets that we might not fully understand, but respect nonetheless.
  • Please try to only post academic nudity (drawings, paintings).  As often as possible, please refrain from posting nude photographs or sexually-charged artwork.
  • When in doubt, ask The OA Team

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