How To Get In Touch With Chris

The OA was indeed started by Chris.

But the OA keeps growing its team and number of students. But the bigger it gets, the more work there is to do.

As much as Chris enjoys to, it is now impossible for him to address every single email he receives. But The OA Team is here to help!

1) If you have a question relating The OA podcasts, enrolling in our courses, your account and subscriptions, or any technical issue, please contact our Support Ninjas via our Contact Form*, or send a message to support(at)

2) If you have a question about a lesson content, it is likely that someone might as well. We encourage you to share these with the community through our Facebook groups or the Forum Threads!

3) If you ought to contact Chris, you can definitely do so through Twitter (@ChrisOatley)

* We recommend Yahoo! users to use a different email provider to contact us, for we experience delivery issues with them.

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