I'm New In Art And I Just Don't Know Where To Start.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Magic Box, The Oatley Academy’s self-guided digital painting course, is designed to help you get started and hit the ground running.

The Magic Box is ideal for intermediate level digital painters, and those with a basic understanding of Photoshop.

It’s also a great beginner’s guide for artists working in traditional media, but looking for an non-intimidating way to learn to paint digitally.

Through a series of video lessons, Chris Oatley and guest artists walk you step-by-step through various tools and techniques to apply to each assignment. And as you work through each lesson, you can upload your work to the Forum and the Magic Box Facebook group, where you can connect with other students, and give and receive critique.

We’re currently offering a discount for students subscribing to the Pilot Program for Magic Box 2.0! Click here to learn more about enrolling.

One last thing to note. The Magic Box goes into much more depth than just basic Photoshop training, which is available online for free. So for total beginners, we also recommend supplementing your learning with Matt Kohr's Ctrl+Paint series, which you can find at http://ctrlpaint.com

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